Accelerated Results Project: the 60 days that will change the future of #RDSummit agencies


Accelerated Results Project: the 60 days that will change the future of #RDSummit agencies

Discover the methodology that will help agencies deliver faster results by offering Inbound Marketing services

Accelerated Results Project. You may have found the title of this post pretentious. But I guarantee that I bring in it a methodology that can, yes, make the agencies deliver faster results with the offer of Inbound Marketing services (no magic formulas) and have a lasting and real income. Yes, I’m talking about more cash at the till and happier customers. If that’s what you want, read on.


Among all the problems that an agency faces on a daily basis, there are two that can most influence the continuity or not of the business. You can even correct me if I’m wrong, but I imagine you’ve already lost sleep for not having revenue predictability and for having a low margin with each new customer. Am I wrong?

But who is the villain in this story? It may not be the only one, but by investing your business only in punctual jobs, with scopes and end date, you are only fueling this problem.

I know you are thinking: “I calculate the hours I will invest for this client and with that, I have my cost, I put a higher price and I have a good margin”. But is this calculation right?

The Cost of Acquisition of a new customer includes:

  • Marketing the agency does;
  • Labor expenses to keep marketing and sales teams focused on acquisition;
  • Hours of meeting with the potential client;
  • Project presentations to the potential client;
  • Hours to prepare proposal;
  • Proposals that are not closed.

Remembering that if there are unclosed proposals, you end up diluting this cost within the sales made. In other words, the margin often does not pay all this acquisition cost. And when the sold project is finished, this process needs to be done again, again, and again. The lack of sleep due to the unpredictability of prescriptions reappears.

This is the real face of acquisition cost when compared to margin. The uncalculated cost of CAC ends up eating all the margin.

I know I’ve been a little tough so far, I didn’t write this post just to play with this problem and sneak out. I came here to help with a solution that makes sense for your agency.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that it costs 7 times less to keep a customer than to acquire another one. This is not to say that your agency needs to stop selling, it just needs to learn how to increase margin by keeping the client longer.


How RD does

Currently, Resultados Digitais has already passed 8 thousand customers, that is, we have learned to sell to new customers. But RD has hundreds of customers who have been with us since 2011 when we started. And it is based on this experience that I bring some answers to solve this problem.

The best advice you’ll get today: focus on the client’s first 60 days with the agency.

“The seeds of churn are planted early” (Lincoln Murphy)

Blue World City knows how important it is to consistently plan the project scope for the client, but it is important that it is done quickly. Customers are reluctant to invest in something they know little about, as they don’t want to pay to see it. Therefore, it is important to show that Inbound works in the first 60 days and to take advantage of the fact that the client has the initial energy.

For the first 60 days, you have very clear goals:

  • Remove initial barriers: harness energy;
  • Deliver First Hits: Qualified Lead Generation Campaign.

Planning for the medium and long term is important, but it will take time and have barriers in the way. The customer doesn’t want to wait and see value. What you can do is break initial actions into simple deliverables and show value more quickly. The energy to take the first step is less at this beginning, and when the result comes out the energy will be renewed for use in the next step. Customers who achieve first results within 60 days are 3 times more likely to renew a contract — we experience it year after year at RD.

How to do this: Results Acceleration Project (PAR)

We have developed a tool so that agencies (especially partners) can achieve these first results in the client’s first 60 days and thus build a client base that guarantees recurring revenue and a higher margin month after month. The Results Acceleration Project is a methodology to be applied to new customers, but also to old customers who have not yet reached this first value with Inbound Marketing. It is a ready-made and proven plan by RD partner agencies that have achieved better results in recent months.

How PAR works

It is divided into three major phases that seek to work with the initial client engagement and how to ensure that it is aligned with the agency, what deliveries the agency can make in 60 days, and how to show value in those deliveries.

1. Initial engagement

Step by step to gain quick customer engagement. This phase is based on the alignment of expectations and the initial relationship between agency and client.

1.1. Send a welcome email to the new customer

In this email, you must include:

  • Who will be the agency’s main contact with the client;
  • Suggestion of the best day and time to hold the initial alignment meeting (preferably within 7 days after closing the contract);
  • Who should attend the first meeting (online or in person);
  • Link with questionnaire to be filled out by the customer with delivery date.

1.2. Add the PAR to the project presentation

The presentation should clarify:

  • The services agreed upon in the negotiation process;
  • The stages and objectives of the results acceleration project;
  • The team responsible for carrying out the activities;
  • Expected results;
  • The delivery schedule.

1.3. get ready for the first meeting

  • Review the history of information you have about the client, from the negotiation process, and retrieve the goals and needs that he presented when contracting your services;
  • Check the briefing questionnaire responses to better understand your client’s market context and target audience;
  • Do an analysis of the customer’s website and identify:
    • Marketing actions that are already carried out;
    • Lead Sources (existing offers and forms);
    • Optimization points (offers and forms that can be created quickly to capture new contacts).

1.4. Hold the first alignment meeting with the customer

These are the points that the agency should address in the conversation:

  • Open the meeting pleasantly and suggest that everyone introduce themselves;
  • Create a relationship where everyone feels comfortable during the conversation and the relationship is collaborative;
  • Validate contracted services and main objectives with the client;
  • Present the Accelerated Results Project and short-term deliverables using the presentation template from Step 3;
  • Align the needs that the agency will have with the client – such as approval of materials or submission of content -, have a deadline for each need and reinforce that non-compliance can delay results;
  • Finish with a checklist of agreed initial actions and recall what was discussed at the meeting.


If you have hired a marketing automation tool, such as RD Station, it is important that you invite the customer to test it at this time and schedule a meeting with those responsible at the customer for training and presentation of the platform. This will help you:

  • Share responsibilities with your customer;
  • Work together with the client in the Leads qualification process;
  • Sending opportunities directly to the customer’s sales team .

1.5. Post meeting

  • Send an email after the meeting to be reminded of what was agreed.

2. Digital Marketing Actions

This phase is the Inbound Marketing project with activities and deliveries for the first 60 days.

2.1. Configure RD Station

If you are part of a partner agency of Resultados Digitais (or are interested in becoming one soon), it is important that you ensure all the configurations of the marketing automation tool, the RD Station, of your clients. For this, you will need the access information requested in the previous step.

2.2. Set the first offer

  • Make a survey of offers and materials that your client already has and that can serve as bait for lead generation. You can use rich content such as spreadsheets, market research, dictionary of technical terms in the field, templates, webinars. In addition, it is worth mapping some more advanced materials to the offers such as discount coupons and expert advice;
  • Create a Landing Page to advertise the offer;
  • Use custom fields to help qualify Leads in the future;
  • Submit the material for customer approval and validate the budget for paid media campaigns (Facebook Ads, Google AdWords).

2.3. Promote the offer

This step is essential for the project’s success, as the number and quality of Leads generated are concrete results that the agency can present to the client! That’s why it’s important to have a good outreach plan.

To execute a good promotion strategy:

  • Set a Leads goal (we recommend starting with at least 50);
  • Create pop ups and Calls-to-Action to publicize the offer on your client’s website/blog;
  • Publicize the offer on social networks;
  • Create a paid media campaign to maximize the result. Use the budget you set with the customer in Step 6;

2.4. Send a promotional email

This way, you can start a relationship with the contacts your customer already has and see which ones show interest in the company’s offers.

  • Create an Email Marketing template;
  • Write a message that sparks interest in the offer or rich material;
  • Insert the Landing Page link in the email (preferably on a CTA button).

3. Presentation of Results

This phase will show and make the customer realize the value of the delivered shares.

3.1. Qualify new contacts

To qualify base contacts:

  • Define the Leads qualification criteria together with your client’s sales team;
  • Analyze the generated Leads;
  • Identify Qualified Leads;
  • Identify business opportunities (if any);
  • Notify sellers of new opportunities (if any);
  • Ask sellers for feedback on the contacts generated.

3.2. Present the final report of the Results Acceleration Project

The results will form the basis of the actions that were defined for the medium and long term. In addition to ensuring that the next Quarterly Success Review has a relevant first deliverable.

Some examples of results you can achieve with the results acceleration project:

Landing Page

  • Number of Leads;
  • Conversion rate.


  • Number of Leads;
  • Leads Profile;
  • Qualification of Leads;
  • Business opportunities.

E-mail marketing

  • Email open rate;
  • Email click rate;
  • Email bounce rate;
  • Unsubscribe fee.

Note: For those who are a partner of Resultados Digitais, it is possible to have access to a series of materials, templates and video that go deeper into the methodology step by step. Talk to your consultant.

Discover the methodology that will help agencies deliver faster results by offering Inbound Marketing services Accelerated Results Project. You may have found the title of this post pretentious. But I guarantee that I bring in it a methodology that can, yes, make the agencies deliver faster results with the offer of Inbound Marketing services (no…