Awareness: what it is and how to increase your brand awareness with 5 practical tips

brand awareness

Awareness: what it is and how to increase your brand awareness with 5 practical tips

Gaining brand recognition is an important step in gaining authority and increasing your sales

You’ve probably heard – probably in TV advertisements – about Top of Mind awards . They reward the companies most remembered by consumers and usually take place in several different segments. Because did you know that the winning companies are those that do a strong work of Awareness?

Have you ever heard of that term? Do you know what it means? Well, literally, Awareness means “awareness”. Although it helps to understand a little, this alone is not enough to understand the true meaning of this concept so comprehensively.

The truth is that every company has the objective of making its brand better known among the public, in the expectation that this will help to increase the volume of demand in a sustainable way, in order to finally boost its main results.

Therefore, Blue World City have prepared complete content to present:

  • What is actually Awareness;
  • What is essential to apply in practice;
  • What benefits can your company achieve with this strategy?

Come on?

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What is Awareness?

In any segment, competition has never been as heavy as it is today. It’s necessary to be memorable to be able to conquer the public’s attention space – which is already so disputed amidst so much information.

Therefore, we can say that Awareness or Brand Awareness, as it is also known, means brand recognition. This is how consumers recognize and remember your company.

In practice, the greater the recognition of your brand, the more the public becomes familiar with your logo, your messages and your products.

This is a broad term, but it helps to know how or if people are aware and informed about what your brand has to offer. This also represents the brand’s notoriety, that is: how the public perceives its identity vis-à-vis other competitors and the market as a whole.

A striking feature of Awareness-focused work is that it can be difficult to measure. Your work will impact on several different fronts, but on all of them, awakening positive feelings for the public is one of the basic steps to raise this level of brand awareness.

The result is an increase in the number of people who trust your brand, your products or your solutions to solve a problem they have. We’ll talk more about the benefits of the Awareness strategy later on.

Examples of companies that stand out for Awareness

To get to know the companies and businesses that manage to achieve great results based on the Awareness work, it is necessary to identify those that have solutions that are synonymous with the brand.

Didn’t you understand very well? With these examples it will become clearer:

  • Bom Bril → Steel Wool
  • Swab → Flexible Rods
  • Danone → Yogurt
  • Band-aid → Self-adhesive dressing
  • Cornflakes → Cereal flakes
  • Noodles → Instant Noodles
  • Gillette → Razor
  • Google → Search engine

Did you see the relationship? It is difficult to search for one of these products or use one of the services without thinking about the brand first! And the list can be even longer and change by country or even city.

Because customers already recognize each of these brands, they are more likely to buy from these companies than from a competitor they are not that familiar with.

4 indispensable items for your brand to be recognized in the market

After learning about examples – and remembering a few others that did not make our list – do you know what all these brands have in common to achieve such a positive result in the market? They work with the four fundamental pillars to do a good job of Brand Awareness.

It does not mean to say that it is only with these elements that any company will achieve the same level of brand recognition as the examples cited, but they are the basis for building this work.

Know what they are:

1. Identity

Every brand needs an identity. She involves both visual and written elements and works with the way to express herself in the different publicity spaces. Therefore, it is part of the identity:

  • The types of content  the brand produces;
  • The colors and formats used in the disclosures;
  • The physical structure of the company;
  • The product designer.

Identity helps make that impact when you see a post on any channel and already realize that it’s a particular company, even if the logo isn’t present.

2. Market presence

Brands such as Nike and Adidas, for example, gained notoriety in the market for sponsoring great athletes and sports teams – mainly football, which naturally attracts the public’s attention.

This facilitates the recognition of other products that brands work, precisely because they maintain a strong market presence.

Therefore, the choice of communication channels is directly related to Brand Awareness. The more comprehensive your work in relation to the volume of channels you can work with, the greater your chances of improving your market presence.

3. Positioning

The way to position itself in the market is also one of the pillars for the Awareness work. It takes into account what problems and challenges of the personas your company is willing to solve, but it also involves the social causes it adopts.

It is common to find in brand advertising materials something like “market leader” or “first to create the product”. This type of communication is part of the positioning work and consequently contributes to the Awareness results.

4. Content

Producing quality content and contributing to market education: this is a fundamental requirement for every company that wants to increase its brand recognition.

Through blogs, campaigns on social networks, courses in the area and personalized materials, you are already able to start this work and stand out when compared to the competition.

3 Benefits of Focusing on Awareness Work

Now that we better understand the main elements of Awareness, do you already know the real advantages of working focused to leverage good results with the strategy? Check out three important benefits for your company:

1. Increased sales

Currently, the sales process needs to be consultative, especially for companies that work with the B2B market. This means that there are a series of steps and processes between recognition of the problem and the final purchase decision by the public.

But with the increase in brand recognition, the sales cycle tends to drop quickly, as the public starts to trust and be sure that they can count on the solution or product that your company offers.

2. Recognition as an authority

Being a reference in a certain area or subject is one of the main benefits achieved with Awareness. By following the pillars, you will be able to convey the message of authority and receive recognition at the same time.

The great result of this is the presence in the mind of your audience whenever they think about a certain type of product or service.

In addition, this work helps people remember not only what you offer, but also your company’s mission and what it is committed to delivering.

3. Growth of referrals

In the marketplace, it’s easy to see that conversion to sales is higher after a customer receives a referral from someone else. In a   survey conducted by Nielsen, 77% of the public is persuaded to look for products or services after receiving a referral.

After all, you are receiving proof from someone who has already used a certain product or service in practice, which facilitates decision-making. And a natural result that happens with the good work of Awareness is the increase in the number of referrals from its clients.

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How to work on your brand’s Awareness growth?

We’ve seen just a few of the benefits that brand recognition can bring to any business. But to start putting it into practice, what are the necessary steps?

Check out now a list of five tips you can implement to increase your brand recognition :

1. Mark your presence on the right channels

According to the Social Media Trends 2019 survey, 96.2% of companies in Brazil are already present on social networks. This means that just being there is no longer enough.

With a good job of defining personas, going through interviews with clients, you will be able to identify what are the forms of consumption of your audience.

  • What do they usually read?
  • Where do you watch your favorite videos?
  • What time would you prefer to receive an offer to review?

All of this information will help you create the right strategies to be present not only in the right place but also at the right time. The most important step is to invest in a variety of channels, but following the indication the public really prefers.

2. Create different experiences for your audience

In addition to solutions that solve the problems faced on a daily basis, the public is also looking for new experiences that help them get out of the ordinary and stand out in their routine.

This involves working in different channels of contact with the public. Despite having the greatest volume of results with the digital medium, for example, don’t forget to think about actions and strategies for the physical channel.

In practice, this does not mean that it is necessary to start printing business cards or pamphlets to distribute in the streets: you can innovate through an event, bringing together people who can share content and experiences in a particular area.

3. Invest in partnerships

Extending the brand’s reach through your actions can be a challenge. Therefore, partnering with other brands, such as co-marketing, is a recommended way to support your Brand Awareness strategy.

Many companies are also already seeking the work of digital influencers. In this way, they are able to carry the message of what problem they are able to solve through someone who already has a large following to communicate. It’s called Influence Marketing!

In addition, the launch of materials, events and research together with other prominent companies in the market help to increase awareness of your brand among an audience with which, until then, it had no contact.

4. Improve your SEO with keywords related to user intent

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) may seem difficult to work with. However, it is vital for a brand’s online exposure without relying on large investments.

This work involves viewing your content through search engines – mainly Google -, placing your pages at the top of users’ search results.

But for SEO to have a direct impact on your Brand Awareness work, you need to work very well on content production focused on keywords that represent the pain of your customers.

Can you imagine if all the problems of your personas lead users to your content? To find out all the details and already put this strategy into practice, access now our complete updated SEO Guide, which is now in its 4th edition!

5. Use Marketing Automation

Maintaining a relationship with your audience is the best way to improve your Awareness results. Therefore, using the Marketing Automation strategy helps to carry out targeted and personalized communication work, delivering what your audience expects and needs.

With this functionality – present in RD Station Marketing, even – you create contact flows and establish an ongoing relationship with your audience. From then on, contact with your company’s materials and the content will be constant, helping to gain brand recognition at other times and in other communication spaces.

To put this strategy into practice, get to know the RD Station Marketing Marketing Automation functionality now!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Awareness?

Awareness or Brand Awareness is the brand awareness of the public in relation to your company, its products or services. The strategy to generate Awareness increases the number of people familiar with the brand, who start to identify it as a reference in the market against its competitors.

How important is Awareness to a company?

It’s important because the greater your brand’s recognition, the more the public becomes familiar with your logo, your messages, and your products. That is, when the consumer needs some product and service that your company offers if you have a consolidated Awareness work, more chances for the client to remember your brand and make the hiring/purchase.

How to measure Awareness?

Awareness’s work is difficult to measure, as it impacts many fronts. By arousing positive feelings for the public, the more chances they have to create brand awareness and the result is an increase in the number of people who trust your brand, your products, or your solutions to solve a problem they have.

How to make a brand recognized in the market?

First, create a brand identity, bet on market presence, being present in the most diverse communication channels, align your brand positioning and be consistent with it, produce quality content that contributes to market education.

Gaining brand recognition is an important step in gaining authority and increasing your sales You’ve probably heard – probably in TV advertisements – about Top of Mind awards . They reward the companies most remembered by consumers and usually take place in several different segments. Because did you know that the winning companies are those that do a strong work…