Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents: How to Make an Effective Strategy

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents: How to Make an Effective Strategy

Learn how Digital Marketing for real estate companies works, as well as content ideas and tools to get started now

In the real estate market, products have high added value, a long purchase journey and are a basic need, especially when the product is intended for the family. At some point in our lives, in general, we will need to buy or rent a house in Nova Islamabad.

Investments for the creation of real estate projects are high, and marketing expenditure has always followed the traditional formula of media plans, between 3% and 5% of the total amount invested, with different stages of pre-launch, launch and sales.

As the project can only be marketed after all documents have been issued by city halls and notary offices, the pre-launch became a great opportunity to generate prospects interested in anticipating the launch and buying your land or residence, with generous discounts compared to the completed project.

The construction period of the work is also a great opportunity to obtain financing from the construction company itself. At the end of the project, the financing can be done at a bank, since in these cases, only part of the asset can be financed.

Outbound Marketing or Traditional Marketing in Real Estate Market

This disclosure strategy worked for a long time with large disclosures: pre-launch, on television, newspaper, outdoor and radio, where it was possible to sell 25% to 40% of the entire project in just one weekend to investors and end customers who were looking for the big discount that this phase provides.

With the works already well advanced, the launch phase began with the same strategy of great publicity in the media, ending with the sale of the rest of the project, or a large part of it. The value was still well below what the market charged for the completed project.

The New Real Estate Market

As we are living in a new market, this strategy is no longer yielding results and construction companies often have large losses, as sales are not happening at the same speed as before.

And the question is: but if it has always worked, what has changed?

Today the consumer is no longer impacted by Outbound Marketing.

Between the project and the client, there is the realtor, who works in a real estate agency and has traditional approach techniques such as calls to old clients, newspaper classified ads, direct approach via a network, sales shift, stalls in points with high flow of people, sending newsletters to old mailing lists and postings on social media through your profile, fanpage and groups.

The results of these tools were never very efficient, so there was always a need to reach a large number of people to achieve a small success.

Today, you can find information about the projects on the internet, the values ​​charged are the same from one real estate agency to another and, due to the crisis, the exclusivities in launchings are increasingly smaller, creating an abyss between the client and the broker.

The role of Digital Marketing in the real estate market

Some challenges in the segment are already known, such as the long shopping journey and changes in the consumer profile.  The property is not only seen as an asset but it is strictly linked to the person’s lifestyle, from the formation of the family to special needs and investment capacity.

Builders and developers need to take the lead and act as protagonists of their brand and legacy. Consumers buy with those they trust and this trusting relationship for such an important investment is not built overnight.

In general, marketing campaigns for the real estate market start when the works are more advanced, for strategic reasons, due to the high competitiveness of the market and because marketing plays a catalytic role, together with the sales force of brokers and sellers.

Many companies in this segment reserve their marketing budget for launching projects and oscillate between different channels of communication on and offline, according to the fluctuation of sales.

The diffusion of the digital medium in this market makes it easier to overcome a great historical challenge: the generation of leads from the contact base.  The person with a purchase intention wants more information about their future property. Going to Google, searching for what interests you, leaving your contacts and becoming a lead is no longer a problem.

The challenge of Digital Marketing is to get the initiatives right that help the lead to walk on its journey and that the conversion rates exceed the necessary expectations so that the closing is more predictable.

Inbound Real Estate Marketing

With more and more followers, it is important to maintain a common alignment on how Inbound works for real estate companies, as there is a limitation.

The simplest way to explain it is to think that a real estate agent does not work as e-commerce. We were unable to generate all sales over the internet because in this sales cycle the ticket is very high and the sale is complex. There are many variables that influence the sale, ranging from the broker’s job to bank financing approval, which depends on many factors.

However, even if the Inbound Marketing real estate is not done 100% online, the strategies facilitate the sale and make it faster, since the prospects approached are much closer to the time of purchase. Therefore, we have separated 4 practical tips to start Digital Marketing planning for a construction or real estate company.

1- Qualification of Leads

Every broker, real estate or construction company has a stack of cards or an email list of people who have been approached at launches, fairs and events. What many companies see as simple data for Inbound Marketing is extremely valuable information. These contacts will be our first Leads to be worked and qualified.

Important:  If your real estate agent has never communicated via email, or if you haven’t exchanged messages with these people for a long time, it’s worth cleaning the list first, that is, separate the contacts that can be used from the which are invalid. Doing this practice saves time in prospecting and increases the chances of converting to future sales.

For these contacts, we must start the communication with a simple email template. Our goal is to qualify these Leads, once they have had the first contact with your real estate agency. Here, they range from basic strategies, such as presenting new projects, to even something aggressive for sale, such as making offers.

It is noteworthy that, in parallel, these Leads can receive biweekly newsletters about the news of your real estate agency. This is a great way to be remembered, we just need to be careful here not to send customers who have already made a purchase the same offer again.

Invest time and energy in qualifying your lead base. Keep in mind that not everyone is interested in everything and that you need to give your lead what they want to move them forward on the buying journey. The information you collected in the capture helps you in this step.

Some questions that can help in this analysis are:

  • According to the information obtained, who is closest to your ideal customer profile?
  • What is the volume of this profile in your base?
  • Are the Digital Marketing actions you are doing helping to attract leads to this profile?

From the answers, actions can be revised or reinforced. The investment in channel X or Y can be intensified or not. And, finally, you’ll be able to remove from the base the profile that doesn’t interest you for the moment.

2- Lead Generation

While existing Leads are being qualified, it is important that new Leads are generated. For this, we have 2 main options:

Funnel bottom offer (near the sale)

Direct offers contribute to the generation of more qualified Leads, which require less nutrition time, streamlining the purchase process. In the case of real estate, some quick and simple practices can fulfil this function.

Top Funnel Offers (Lead First Steps)

With the funnel bottom offer running, we gain time to prepare the personas and the purchase journey, as well as the contents for the top and middle of the funnel, which can already be used to nourish Leads later. Here, educational content that highlights the differentials of your projects is very welcome.

3 – Lead Segmentation

It is worth remembering that including Lead segmentation strategies from the beginning makes the work of nutrition easier. For example, we can ask Lead for his preferred neighborhood and think of a specific nutrition flow for that neighborhood. This way, you send the right content to the ideal persona, optimizing the purchase decision process.

Also, you can ask the Lead what his purpose is to find out if he is interested in buying, selling or renting.

If the Lead selects “rent” and your real estate agency does not work with rentals, for example, this Lead has no potential to become a client, that is, it does not need to participate in a nutrition flow right away.

Some other field options also contribute to Leads segmentation:

  • How many rooms do you need in the apartment?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have children?

Just remember that all information asked for in Landing Pages forms must have a future purpose. Asking just to find out, in addition to having no purpose, can lower the conversion of visitors to Leads.

4 – Partnerships with local businesses

If your real estate company is exploring an unknown or less populated region, it makes sense to look for local businesses to partner with. A good idea is to close partnerships with nearby restaurants to publicize the new venture.

For example, your real estate company may promote cultural contests such as “Why would you live in neighborhood X”, encouraging customers to participate in exchange for a free dinner at that same restaurant. In addition to contributing to the movement of the site, you also capture Leads through a simple Landing Page. Remember to put a field “you agree to receive emails about enterprise X” to ensure a good open and click rate on your future campaigns.

The same flow works for other types of commerce, such as beauty salons, schools and supermarkets.

Another idea is to bet on platforms and tools specialized in the segment. Some players are already well known, such as the portals Zap Imóveis, Viva Real, Universal Software, Sua House, etc.

In addition, relying on the support of niche agencies specialized in the segment, contribute to the construction of a digital strategy that goes beyond having a website or page on the social network.

8 Lead Generation Content Ideas That Your Real Estate Agent Can Produce

Hardly anyone decides to buy or rent a property overnight, leaving home and buying or renting the first apartment they find, right? Buying or renting a property requires a lot of research and planning, as many issues are involved in this purchase decision.

The main point is to generate the right content for the right time, or better, for the right stage in which the customer is on this journey.

To help real estate companies in this challenge, we made a list of 8 content ideas (top, middle and bottom-funnel) that your real estate company can produce and start capturing more leads interested in your services and products.

Funnel Top Contents

1. Digital city neighborhood guide

In many cities in Brazil, real estate agencies work very focused on some neighborhoods and end up becoming major references in the region.

Why not use this to your advantage to produce content and acquire Leads interested in the neighborhood in which your real estate agent specializes?

Put some tips, such as which are the quietest streets and which are the busiest and don’t forget to put links that take the Lead to your real estate website.

A suggestion to insert these links is when you talk about that great ice cream shop on street “X” you put a sentence at the end: “live in the street of the ice cream shop”, and link to properties on that street.

2. Whitepaper: The ranking of the best schools in the city

One of the biggest concerns of every father and mother is to provide the best education for their children. In addition, living close to one of the best educational institutions in the city makes everyday life much easier.

That’s where your real estate agency can contribute! By creating a whitepaper with a ranking of the best schools in the city, you will do all the school search work for parents, and this will contribute a lot to your real estate’s brand image.

Place links with properties available for purchase or rent near each of the schools, highlighting how much living close to your child’s school will make everyday life much more practical and convenient.

Contents for means of a funnel

3. Tenant Manual

Tenant laws and rules often leave residents confused and there are always big questions when renting a property. How about creating material to help tenants? You are probably an expert in city rentals and have a lot to contribute to the subject.

Create a manual with the main rules and laws of tenancy in a very clear and didactic way. Copy and paste the laws, but explain each one in your own words so that everyone can understand.

It is very important that you do not forget to offer your products for rent and, above all, your consultancy as a rental specialist.

4. Webinar: How to buy a financed property

Matters related to finance are extremely important in the Lead’s journey in search of a property. After all, no one can buy a property if they don’t have a good financial reserve or good financial planning.

Your real estate company can help you a lot in this by developing a webinar where your best consultant will explain how the mortgage process works and, mainly, what the person should do to buy a financed property.

5. Control sheet to save and buy a property

For most people, it is quite a challenge to gather money and buy the property themselves, as this involves a large amount of money. Your job is to show that by saving a little each month you will be able to buy your own property at some point.

Develop a financial spreadsheet where the Lead can put the amount he has saved, how much he earns per month, in addition to monthly expenses and expenses.

The intention is that he can control his monthly expenses to plan financially to buy a property. Offer the financial advice of your real estate agent and put links in the spreadsheet to some content about financing on your blog, for example.

Funnel Bottom Contents

6. Visiting worksheet

Anyone who has gone through the experience of going in search of a property to buy knows that there comes a time when you no longer know which property is which of the many that have already been visited. This can impact the speed of decision about which is the best property to buy.

You can develop a property visitation sheet, for the client to fill in after each visit with essential information about that property visited. Address, number of bedrooms, footage, parking spaces, opinions on location, etc. Your customer will be able to see all the information about each property visited more clearly and make the purchase decision faster.

7. Super guide: How to prepare your property for sale or rent

Preparing a property so that it is attractive for sale or lease is quite challenging. How you deliver it will greatly impact how quickly it will be sold or leased.

You can develop a super digital guide to help people who are looking to sell their properties or put them up for rent. Put up lists of repairs to be done on the property before selling, lists of revisions, etc.

In this material, it will also be important to talk about the success stories of your real estate agency and how its professionals are excellent in selling or renting used properties.

8. Quarter special properties guide

A very strategic content for the bottom of the funnel stage is to create a guide with a selection of the best properties for sale and/or for rent in the quarter. You can create a template and the beginning of a quarterly change the material properties.

Use and abuse the property photos: they have high enchanting power for those who are looking for a property to buy or rent.

Put maps with locations, detailed information about each property, value and payment terms and especially a Call-to-Action to talk to a broker and arrange an appointment.

Digital Marketing and Sales Tools for Real Estate

It is ideal to have the support of Marketing and Sales tools throughout the journey. For this, we will explain how real estate companies can take advantage of them:

RD Station Marketing

The RD Station Marketing is a comprehensive platform to manage and automate digital marketing actions. Lead generation is in charge of the Inbound strategy for each project.

All Leads, whether top or bottom-funnel, will be sent in real-time for sales qualification. Leads will be generated through project landing pages, forms and pop-ups on websites or rich materials focused on the project.

The acquisition channels will be research sites and social media. The relationship will be done through the automation of email marketing posts published on blogs, in order to inform and help the Lead through its purchase process.

And finally, channel analysis reports will be essential to getting Leads generation right.

An RD Station Marketing PRO account is critical to this strategy, as automatic integration with other platforms and other features such as Lead Scoring and Lead Tracking will also be used within the entire qualification process. 

RD Station CRM

The control of the commercial process is an inherent pain for many companies in Brazil and in the real estate segment, it is accentuated, mainly because the ticket is high and the sales cycle is longer.

In addition, a large part of the sales process is under the care of brokers: face-to-face service, first conversations, visit the property, visit the decorated room, negotiation and closing.

The vast majority of brokers are independent agents, who work through commission sales. Generally, they work for more than one project, which makes it difficult to create a bond with the brand.

However, brokers have always been necessary agents for the closing, as for a long time the builders and developers were more distant from the final consumer and this relationship of dependence was necessary due to the high capillarity in the service and lower costs with a commercial operation.

Contact points as important as these need to be closely monitored as they provide valuable inputs for the marketing team and the use of a CRM  is essential for this management to be effective and efficient.

The RD Station CRM  is a tool that allows you to record activities, control the business process and view the performance of the entire team brokers. All in real-time!

An interesting point is that you can integrate the two tools and have greater control of the total operation from marketing to sales, centralizing information and achieving greater productivity between the Marketing and Sales teams.

Go deeper into Digital Marketing for real estate agencies

The real estate market is still adapting to the new reality of the internet. It was probably one of the markets most impacted by these changes.

The consumer has all the information about the projects in a very easy way. Being well ranked in Google searches, therefore, makes all the difference when it comes to finding the customer at the bottom of the funnel.

We need to know, however, that this customer is increasingly difficult, so following the Lead from the beginning of their purchase journey will result in more effective and lasting sales.

Lead generation for the top and bottom of the funnel, with Lead qualification actions in parallel, are the first steps for an effective real estate Inbound Marketing strategy. With quick and practical adjustments, we were able to have small benefits such as a reduction in sales process time.

Market numbers indicate that today the purchase decision takes 9 to 12 months. Therefore, the sooner you start planning for the execution of strategies, the sooner your real estate agent will feel the impact of the results.

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