How to sell on Instagram: business profile, tips for gaining followers and other insights


How to sell on Instagram: business profile, tips for gaining followers and other insights

Learn how to increase sales through Instagram and get the best out of the platform – which already has 1 billion users worldwide, with Brazilians being the second most present audience on the social network!

Instagram emerged in 2010 as a fun photo-sharing app. As it gained new features – such as messages, stories, live broadcasts and sponsored posts – it also gained space in the companies’ digital strategy.

And now, 9 years later, the platform acquired by Mark Zuckerberg already has more than one billion active users, a feat that puts the application on the same level as other established social networks, such as Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

No wonder,  more than 25 million advertisers in the world already use the platform to generate business. That’s why, in this post, Blue World City will talk about how to sell on Instagram, increasing profits through the platform and gaining visibility. Come on?

Instagram in numbers

Instagram is not just about pictures of cute cats and dogs, amazing places and exquisite dishes. Users search for topics they identify with, including corporate and brand content.

According to company data:

  • 60% of people discover new products on Instagram;
  • 73% of users follow brands;
  • 72% interact with influencers.

Also, Instagram helps:

  • 85% of users discovering new products;
  • 84% of users search for products and services;
  • 83% of users in deciding what to buy.

Instagram sales: how can I have a commercial profile on the platform?

Well, it all starts with Instagram for Business. As its name suggests, the tool is dedicated to companies and allows them to know who their followers are and leverage the business.

More than divulging information such as telephone number, address and description of the business, commercial profiles have access to data such as impression, reach and engagement of their publications.

Analytics also show who the account’s followers are (gender, age, location, time and days when they log in the most). And there’s more: it is also possible to promote publications and even sell products within the app.

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Have you ever imagined the impact of so much information on your business?

To take advantage of these features, it is a prerequisite that your company has a  Facebook fanpage connected to an Instagram profile.

Step by step to create a business profile on Instagram

  1. Open the settings menu on Instagram and select “Switch to business profile”.
  2. Then choose the Facebook Page you want to associate with your profile. If you don’t have a page for your business, you can create one when converting your profile. Please note:  your Instagram account must be set to Public. Private profiles cannot be changed for business accounts.
  3. One of the advantages of having a commercial page is being able to leave a specific action button for contact. Click on the “Edit Profile” button and look for “Contact Options”. Here you can choose between making your contact information available or an action button option. Action buttons connect your profile to the online services you already use, allowing you to complete transactions directly from your profile.
  4. Finally, check your company’s contact information, change as necessary and click Done. There, your business profile is done!

7 Tips for Using Instagram to Sell

Instagram has 1 billion users worldwide. Of them, Brazilians are the second most present public, only behind the North Americans.

So, we list 7 tips for you to Generate Leads on the social network. Remember: only take note of those that make sense for your business purpose or can be adapted for that purpose.

1. Insert your website in the profile biography

Briefly describe your company, its purpose, and what is interesting to your followers. It is essential to include a link to your website, blog or Landing Page  – after all, this is when you will start generating Leads.

2. Use CTA on images

Amidst so many posts on the user’s timeline, including a Call-to-Action in your photo can make all the difference to attract their attention.

3. Bet on videos

There’s a format that works with users! Enjoy the privilege of having their attention and indicate in the video that there is more information about the product or service in the biography link. And, of course, ensure that the user is redirected to the correct page.

4. Instagram Ads

Ads from Instagram ads work very well to complement your organic strategy Lead generation. They can be done in three formats: photo carousel, retargeting for Facebook campaigns and sponsored pattern.

5. Partner with influencers

Instagram has several users with hundreds of thousands of followers and therefore with enormous reach potential. Some digital personalities charge for displaying images on their profiles, but you can look for partnerships with bloggers in your region and with the same target audience to initiate this type of communication.

An important tip when choosing your influencer: the number of followers is not everything! Ideally, you should assess the influencer’s involvement and relationship with his or her follower base and whether the messages passed by him or her are well received, as well as identifying their agendas with your product.

Sometimes micro-influencers that match your niche can generate more opportunities for your brand for a smaller investment.

6. Use hashtags

They are already well known to users for identifying posts on a specific subject. If you’re going to do a specific event or promotion, think of a  creative hashtag and encourage your followers to use it too.

7. Make texts shorter and bet on the image

Instagram is a social network focused on photos and videos. Therefore, be careful in the production of your content. If the main points of your message are not conveyed directly by the image, the photo should at least be interesting enough to encourage the follower to read your text. The tip may seem obvious, but many people forget about it on a daily basis.

It is very common for companies to use untreated stock photos or images with a lot of text. Remember, most of the time people aren’t on Instagram to see news about your business. Offer content that connects to their expectations and needs. Otherwise, they will go through your content without providing the attention you expect.

Another valuable tip is to always try to get your message across in the first lines and as soon as possible. If your follower needs to click “see more” to see what you have to say, the chances of achieving your goal with that post are lower. Leave hashtags and additional information for after “see more”.

Get more followers in your company account

If you’re starting, or want to start, an Instagram account for your company, here are some tips to gain your first quality followers on the network.

Gone are the days when numbers of followers meant something to the company. Today, it’s much better for you to have a few followers who actually follow your work and really enjoy what you post than a large number of people who don’t interact and go straight through your posts. Also, having this type of follower is extremely dangerous for your profile.

With the change in the platform’s algorithm, the relevance of its contents counts a lot for the distribution of posts and stories. If you have a large number of people who don’t interact with you and ignore your posts, Instagram understands that your posts are not interesting. This will decrease your organic reach and throw your little ball of stories to the end of the user queue.

So, when asked if you want to buy followers or likes for your company, stay away. They might even make your profile number pretty, but they’ll never help you make a sale.

Interact with your followers and other social network users

An organic way to attract users on the network is following accounts of partner companies and people known in your market. Interact with them, liking posts and making comments. In this way, you also attract attention to your profile, exchange ideas and get inspired by the content of those who have been on the social network for longer.

The idea, therefore, is to join the conversations by saying something interesting. It’s not enough to leave comments sending that “follow back” – which configures spam!

Some companies follow users so they do the same and then unfollow. Instagram is already recognizing this tactic as spam and this type of behavior can damage your profile. Not to mention that it is very inelegant and can damage your image with users.

Look for hashtags with a high volume of publications

On Instagram, hashtags play a very important role, as they gather posts from users who are not logged in on a single page. If you use relevant hashtags, your posts will be exposed to a wider audience than your followers.

Make a list of keywords that are important to your company and define the hashtags by which you want people to find you. Depending on your business segment, you can also establish hashtags per post.

If you are a travel agency, for example, you may have your main hashtags, which will always be in your posts, along with some specific ones about the advertised destination.

When choosing hashtags, always remember who your target audience is . The popularity of hashtags like #TBT, for example, may delightsome people. But think about who your company will reach by using them. Pay a visit to the hashtag page and see if what is being published has a connection with your product. Are generic hashtags really good for your business? Always worth the test!

Instagram allows the use of up to 30 hashtags per post, however, so much information can ruin your post’s aesthetic. Remember: hashtags are only for people to find you. What really makes them stick is their content.

Create hashtags for your company or event

When you already have followers and want to publicize an event, product or other specific action, it’s worth starting a hashtag from scratch. This is a good way to engage your audience and build social media presence.

During Digital Marketing events promoted by Resultados Digitais – the RD Summit and RD on the Road  -, for example, we encourage participants to use the hashtags we created. The idea is to accompany photos and opinions about the meetings, in addition to creating a feeling of participation and integration.

Use Instagram Stories

The Stories tool, launched by Instagram in 2016, fell in favor of users and companies. Here at RD, we use the format to disseminate our posts and rich materials, as well as publications about more ephemeral celebrations.

If it’s important to take beautiful photos and use filters on photos that will be published in the conventional timeline, Stories is the place for less retouched images. That’s why you can use it to show the more “real life” side of your company, like behind the scenes.

Over time, Instagram launched other new features, such as the concentration of all Stories on a page according to the place of publication or the hashtags used. If you have a local business, this is an especially useful possibility, as it allows you to promote your business in your region.

But the benefits go even further through hashtags, as you can post by tagging your business topic or other keywords. You can also use them to take advantage of people’s collaboration in case you hold an event, for example.

There is also the option to broadcast live on Instagram through Stories, which are available for up to 24 hours.

Make a raffle or contest

Another way to expand your follower base is to make a raffle asking interested parties to like your page and comment on the publication as a prerequisite to compete. After all, who doesn’t like getting a gift?

The awards can be made in a contest format, an opportunity to get user-generated content. Ask people to post photos of them using a specific hashtag in addition to following your profile.

Attention:  before getting your hands dirty and making the draw or contest, it is extremely important to be aware of the rules of the Secretariat for Evaluation of Public Policies, Planning, Energy and Lottery – SECAP of the Ministry of Economy, which regulates promotions in the country.


Learn how to increase sales through Instagram and get the best out of the platform – which already has 1 billion users worldwide, with Brazilians being the second most present audience on the social network! Instagram emerged in 2010 as a fun photo-sharing app. As it gained new features – such as messages, stories, live…